Monday, May 2, 2011

Craft Fair success!

Yesterday was my first craft fair ever! For my patterning and licensing class we all had a semester long craft project to sell on Etsy and at a fair. The fair was at a middle school near my house in Bayview.  It was a pretty tiny fair, but pretty awesome! We got to meet Faythe Levine, author of "Handmade Nation" and Christina Ward, leader of the PlushTeam!  

For the project I made a set of monster stamps! The stamp set is called "Make Your Own Monster" kit.  There are 8 rubber wood block stamps of different monster features; 3 mouths, 1 set of eyes, 2 individual eyes, and 2 horns.  Alot of kids stopped by and rearranged the stamps to make little faces!  I was also selling a few books at the fair.  In the end, I made the most sales of the class!!! I sold 3 sets of stamps and 4 books! It felt really good to sell my stuff! I would have even been happy if is didn't sell anything but saw interest in my products!  Wow, Leah, way to go! 

As of now, I don't have any real solid work plans after school. I had a really great time at the fair and my sales really boosted my confidence in my creations! Hopefully I'll be able to crank some monsters and monster related crafts! What I am really hoping to do is make as many crocheted monsters as possible to prefect them and hopefully join the PlushTeam!